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Arcoplus section

L = min 2500 mm
L= max 3000 mm

Product in comply with EN-14782 regulation;

Reaction to fire: Class A1 as per EN 13501-1 regulation;

Certified product by technical Agreement ITC.

  • alubel15 sormonto

    Arcoplus is a roofing system for "Y" shaped structures, realized by coupling 2 corrugated curve sheets Alubel 28 profile.

    Top element is an Alubel 28 corrugated sheet, with fixed curvature radius of 3 m.The bottom element is an Alubel 28 system corrugated sheet with subsequent curving by hammer-pressing with 5 equally spaced rollers, guaranteeing the right inclination for coupling with the top element.

arcoplus section

1 - curved roofing sheet Alubel 28 or Alubel 40 profile
2 - 8 screws per side
3 - straight false ceiling sheet
4 - insulating material
L - interaxis supports

Permitted load capacities (kg/m2)*

Arcoplus roofing system with Alubel 28 profile corrugated sheets
Gap (m) Aluminium
thickness 0,8 mm
thickness 0,6 mm
2,5 244 287
3,0 156 270
3,5 75 161

*Load uniformly distributed downwards, expressed in kg/m2 for a double span. The following permitted tension values were taken into consideration: :
aluminium σperm. 400 kg/cm3
steel σperm. 950 kg/cm3

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