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Isocoppo Flat transverse section

Isocoppo Flat – Structural tile shaped insulated panel

IsoCoppo flat is Alubel Spa’s structural metal panel that recalls traditional tile aspect. IsoCoppo flat is equipped with a complete system of accessories that enables to solve any problem of roofings; its polyurethane core combined with its aesthetic make it the perfect insulated panel for buildings energy saving.

  • isocoppo Flat Lateral overlapping of half a corrugation

    Lateral overlapping of half a corrugation

  • Detail of drainage canne

    Detail of drainage canne

  • isocoppo Flat Fixing on wood

    Fixing on wood

Suitable for:

civil and industrial buldings and for old roof renewal

Minimum slope:

15 %

Technical features:

high load bearing



length on demand (350 mm multiples)

Isocoppo Flat standard production

  • isocoppo Flat prepainted steel or aluminium

    Prepainted steel
    Prepainted aluminium

  • isocoppo Flat Copper


Standard colours:

  • IsoCoppo Flat Prepainted External sheet:Terracotta red
  • isocoppo int2 Internal sheet:White grey

Special colours

  • Isocoppo Flat red old tile External sheet:Antiqued terracotta red (special mat)
  • isocoppo Flat internal sheet Internal sheet:Timber effect laminated

Flat ridge capping

To be used for connecting pitches, both on top and on diagonal. It is applied in sheets overlapping, both on two and non multi-pitches roofing .

Coppo waves remain open.

Development 406 mm, standard length 3150 mm

  • Flat ridge capping

Ridge capping with serrated profile

It can be used on top of two pitches, it has serrated profile for closing waves but, as it is composed of 2 pieces, it allows a more regular assembly, as it is not necessary that two opposite pitches are perfectly symmetric.

Partial development 406 mm; Total development 812 mm; standard lenght 3150mm

  • Ridge capping with serrated profile

Universal diagonal ridge capping

To be used for connecting pitches, both on top and on diagonal.· It is composed by a central part and two micro corrugated bendings of special material., which allows a manual arrangement to every corrugation shape, with every pitches or angulations.

  • Universal diagonal ridge capping

Ridge ventilated cap with serrated profile

Serration allows waves corrugation closure; it can be used only on two symmetric pitches.

With micro drilling for a correct ventilation.

  • Ridge ventilated cap with serrated profile

Wall ridge upstand

Connection element between vertical wall and roofing pitch. Ridge capping has available ventilation exit mouths and connection bending with sheet Coppo profiled.

  • Wall ridge upstand

Corrugation closing profile

  • corrugation closing profile

Polycarbonate sheet

Thermo-drilling element in transparent compact polycarbonate.

Maximum dimensions 1340x 1050

  • Polycarbonate sheet

Skylight dome and base

Crossing element for roofing inspection or as lighting of an underneath space.

One-piece with manual or electric opening.

On request it is available with double frame as smokes evacuator.

  • Skylight dome and base

Chimney converse

Element in stainless steel prepainted Coppo Red, thickness 1.0 mm.

Flat part dimensions 420 mm x 380 mm

  • Chimney converse IsoCoppo

Venduct vent + vent base

Element in PVC with joint and water connection.

Max temperature 60°C.

  • Venduct vent + vent base

Fluenta vent + vent base

Element in PVC with water connection.

Upper part open.

Max temperature 60°C.

  • Fluenta vent + vent base

Antenna cap + vent base

Elements in PVC for cables passage.

  • base antenna per Coppo IsoCoppo

Anti-sparrows closer

PVC-comb like

Available in:aluminium, copper, specific for ventilated roof

  • Anti-sparrows closer

Snow Stop



Prepainted steel

  • Snow Stop

Gutter expansion joint “Semmler”

Element to compensate the expansion of materials. It is essential for gutter or valley gutter longer than 20 m

Available in aluminium or prepainted steel

  • Gutter expansion joint Semmler

Timber drill screw

With Alubel washer diam. 19 mm

In stainless steel 6,5 x 80 mm

  • Timber drill screw


Aluminium 3,4 x 9 mm

Copper 3,4 x 9 mm

Stainless steel 3,4 x 7 mm

  • coppo Rivets

Batuband tape

Sealent tape.

Available in 3 width: 50, 75 and 100 mm

  • Batuband tape

"Alusik" Silicon

  • alusik silicon

Colour spray

For restoration and touch up.

  • colour spray red terracota

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