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Contractor: Todini costruzioni SpA

Location: Terni (TR), Italy

Designer: Studio Baldi Margheriti Associati

Faҫade material: Ond-All 33 sinusoidal sheets


The contractor’s goal was first and foremost to provide the town with a modern swimming centre, but its ambition, which was in the end the real challenge the designers were summoned to, was to create an authentic wellness and leisure centre attracting the inhabitants of Terni and the people from the surrounding areas.

Leaving a strong and immediately recognizable architecture mark was the main drive for the whole project process, carried out by the Todini costruzioni S.p.a. staff in close cooperation with architects Luciano Baldi e Paola Margheriti –working for the Baldi Margheriti associati studio- who were entrusted with architecture counselling and art direction. It was them who translated the contractor’s requirement into an effective modern architectural language, including inclined prospectuses and wide glass openings expressing a continuous and interesting dialogue between the inner spaces and the outside garden. The articulation of volumes is particularly accurate and is characterized by the joint of three plain roof bodies creating a spectacular intersection of inclined planes and ending up in the back elliptical volume.

The volumetric effect is accompanied and enhanced by the intelligent use of coating materials, glass and aluminium, creating an extremely functional and calibrated series of full and empty spaces. You enter the building through a bright double-height lobby, entirely made of glass and extremely scenic, while spaces used as baths, locker rooms and plants are lit through the wide openings in the pre-painted aluminium sheet coating.

The use of Alubel Ond-All 33 sheets , other than ensuring a great aesthetic outcome, enabled the constructors to produce a ventilated wall. It has a great thermo-acoustic performance and is perfectly suitable for water outflow. Plugging is double skin. The wall is made up of prefab sandwich panels, glued laminated timber panels with steam barrier and polystyrene insulation, to which aluminium profiles serving as a support of the external Ond-All 33 sinusoidal sheets are attached.


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