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transversal section under tile metal sheet Sottocoppo

Under-tile metal system

Sottocoppo understructure is born from the need to go beyond the limits of all the understructure systems present on the market until now: in fact, the use of traditional clay tiles is still much related to the use of heavy underlying supports, which have some limits in terms of duration and dimensions. Thanks to our know how on metal we have revolutionised the market with this new solution.

Sottocoppo - under tile metal system

  • Lateral overlapping Sottocoppo

    Lateral overlapping

  • Front overlapping Sottocoppo

    Front overlapping

  • Sottocoppo fixing on wood

    Fixing on wood

  • Sottocoppo fixing on steel

    Fixing on steel

Suitable for:

civil roofings and for renovation of old roofings with scenic overlook

Minimum slope:

15 %


height: 32 mm

width: 777 mm

standard lengths sheets: 1520, 2130, 2440, 2750, 3060, 3990 mm

Material: prepained steel, prepainted aluminium

Finishimgs: red tile.


Better tiles anchor

Watertightness over time

Speed of installation

High walkability

Secure working surface

The patented profile:

The shaped metal profile that is installed on the high border of the sheets is a patented innovation that enables a single anchorage guaranteeing safety and durability over time.

  • Installation with mortar or polyurethane adhesive

    Installation with mortar or polyurethane adhesive

  • Installation with hooks

    Installation with hooks

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