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EasyWand transversal section

Easy Wand is the new insulated panel with no corrugation created by Alubel Spa for claddings of industrial and civil buildings; Easy Wand innovative geometry width 500 mm is a revolution in the market of cladding panels: lightness and versatility.

EasyWand hidden fixing

Advised use:

cladding of building interiors and exteriors


realisation of ventilated facades

Available thicknesses:

25 mm

Standard production:

Prepainted aluminium

Technical features:

insulated panel with no corrugation

hidden fixing

innovative width 500 mm

maximum recommended length: 4.000 mm

Framing components:

Modular system, also thanks to its wide range of accessories, reduces considerably assembly work. Dry pose with no type of glue or cement.

Easy Wand Framing components

  • EasyWand supporting flask

    Supporting flask

  • EasyWand Supporting profile

    Supporting profile

  • EasyWand Dieletric band

    Dieletric band

Surface finishings

Smooth finishing

  • Easy-RAL 9010
  • Easy-RAL 9006
  • Easy-RAL 7016
  • Easy-RAL 9005
  • Easy-RAL 8017
  • Easy-RAL 3000
  • Easy-RAL 2011
  • Easy-RAL 1002
  • Easy-RAL 7034
  • Easy-RAL 6024
  • Easy-RAL 5010
  • Easy-RAL 5024

Thanks to high-tech machinery, Easy Wand is the only insulated sandwich panel with, on demand, several configurations as the 45 degrees cutting and the innovative "Panel Edging".

90° Panel edging:

Removal of the internal insulated layer

  • EasyWand Removal of the internal insulated layer

90° panel edging

  • EasyWand 90° panel edging

Final look

  • EasyWand panel edging

45° cutting of the panel suited for corners:

Specific 45° cutting

  • EasyWand Specific 45° cutting

Possibility to use in corner position

  • EasyWand corner position

Flashing systems:

Starting flashing PL01

  • EasyWand Starting flashing

Junction flashing PL02

  • EasyWand Junction flashing PL02

External corner PL03

  • EasyWand External corner PL03

Internal corner PL04

  • EasyWand Internal corner PL04

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