• Project: Hamonic + Masson & Associés Comte Vollenweider
  • Location: Parigi
  • Product: Alubel 21
  • Material: prepainted aluminium
  • Finishing: orange gold
  • Home -the new project of the Hamonic + Masson & Associés Comte Vollenweider architects- represents a very worthy answer to the expectations of Paris architecture enthusiasts. This is an ambitious project, first and foremost in terms of size. In fact, this is the first housing estate to reach 50 meters of height since the ‘70s. Home accommodates 200 apartments as well as several business areas. It is made up of two towers rising up from a common rectangular shaped base. The volume structuring is particularly sophisticated, including retreats, torsions, empty and full areas which enlighten the impact of the big building and effectively places it into the urban context.


    The architectural style is modern and enhanced by the choice of the technological and state-of-the-art fitting materials. In particular, as long as the wall cladding system is concerned, corrugated sheets are widely used. This solution guarantees excellent durability, remarkable protection against the weather and ease of laying.


    For this work, Smac SA company chose a reliable Italian partner, Alubel Spa, which supplied nearly 50.000 square meters of Alubel 21 aluminium 10/10 Orange Gold prepainted corrugated sheets producing a special bright effect.